Membership Registration

    Please fill in all available information.
    Note that there are 3 different Member types: Racing, Distance-Series and Club.
    The first two are for owners/skippers, the last for crew and student.

    If you are applying as a Racing Member, this is also your entry form for all CCV races except Sunday racing in the Southern Bay Race Week. For Distance Series Members, this is your entry for Spring Series #3, Founders, Moonlight Triangle and Fall Series #3. Club members must submit individual entry forms and entry fees for any race/series entered. Race and Distance Series members must submit a new entry from anytime their PHRF rating changes.

    Member Type I am Racing Class

    Note: Registration not complete until payment received, either by mail or in our store

    IMPORTANT: By submitting this form I agree to abide by the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS), the General Sailing Instructions published by CCV and other rules that govern this event. In consideration of being permitted to enter these events, being knowledgeable of the risks of competitive sailing and knowing that it is my sole responsibility to decide whether to enter or continue any race, I voluntarily assume the risk of participation in these events and release CCV and the people conducting the event from any and all liability in connection with any injury or damage that may occur. By submitting this form I hereby waive, release, and cancel any and all claims I may have against CCV, its officers, directors, trustees, and committee members, agents, and representativews arising out of CCV relating to any CCV functions and activities. I further acknowledge that participation in the sport of sailing wind driven boats in competitive events is an inherently dangerous sport in which I have chosen to engage.