Membership Info

CCV has three membership categories:
Racing Membership (skippers), Distance Series Membership (skippers) and Club Membership.

All members receive a CCV book which contains the CCV Constitution and Bylaws, Sailing Instructions, racing schedules, racing circular for each race, and the membership listing.

Racing Membership  $190,  is intended for skippers who race frequently and wish to receive a savings by paying entry fees in advance.  Racing Membership covers all the CCV races except the Old Point Race which is a part of the Black Seal Cup and SSOR (Summer Solstice Ocean Race). Except for the entry fees for these two events, no other entry fees are required.

Additionally, since the Racing Membership form serves as the entry form for all CCV races, entering races could not be easier!

Distance Series Membership  $105,  is intended for skippers that are participating in the Southern Bay Distance Series. This membership covers the Spring Series Day 2 (Race 3), Moonlight Triangle, Founders and Fall Series Day 2 (Race 3). Similar to the standard Racing Membership, Distance Series Membership includes serves as the entry form for the above races.

Club Membership ($45)  Club Membership is for skippers who wish to pay by the race and for individuals and crew who want to be a part of the action.   Club Members submit entry fees and forms by the race.

You can sign up online HERE  .