Due to the current situation the following events are canceled:

  1. CCVR Spring Kickoff Meeting (originally March 24.) A “Grab-&-Go” scenario may be implemented for the book, stay tuned. 
  2. CCVR Tune-Up Race (originally April 5.)
  3. CCVR Skipper Training 101 Class (originally April 25)

The following events are postponed (rescheduling TBD):

  1. CCVR Crew Training Beginners Class
  2. CCVR Crew Training Advanced Class

January Newsletter

Upcoming Events:

Be sure to renew your membership …and get your whole crew to join CCV Racing!

March 24th: Spring Kick-Off preview of events for 2020 and guest speaker… mark your calendars

April 5th: Spring Tune Up Race

It’s winter (or so it’s supposed to be) and this is a good time for skippers and crew to review safety equipment, safety requirements and update and test equipment. The CCVR Safety requirements were updated in 2019 to reflect changes at PHRF Chesapeake Bay and US Sailing. With the addition of the Summer Solstice Ocean Race in 2017, the need for not only proper safety equipment but practice with same is heightened. Life jackets, harnesses, jack lines, radios, etc. should all be checked out or updated to meet current requirements. And skippers…don’t forget to check the integrity of your boat’s lifelines during your winter maintenance! Don’t want anyone popping overboard. You can check out the revised safety requirements at the CCV Racing website (

See you on the water in only a few months!

Spring 2020 Kickoff Meeting

Our annual kickoff meeting this year is on Tuesday March 24th upstairs at the HYC (start at 6pm). Members collect your CCV-Racing book, register for the racing season, or become a CCV member. Find out about the newest changes and plans for the 2020 CCVR racing season!

Parity info

Updates and Info for the Party:

Parking! The Town Point (110 West Main St. / Directly across from Nauticus) and the West Plume (135 West Plume St) Parking Garages are offering flat rate event parking for $5.00 from 4:00 PM to 2:00 AM.

Fall Series Day 3

Due to the 2019 Crawlin’ Crab Half Marathon the start of Sunday’s race is DELAYED by 1h. The start is noon 12:00am!