Founders Race Notice

IMPORTANT, August 7th Founders Race:

The start will be in the vicinity of CCVR Bay Mark X (off Buckroe/Salt Ponds Entrance). The start will NOT be off Ocean View so please give more time to get to the starting area.

Pre-Race Strategy Session

Saturday April 30th at 7:00 PM at the Hampton Yacht Club Adult Sailing Center there will be a pre-race strategy session held.  All CCVR Members, Skippers and Crew, are encouraged to bring their favorite weather, wind and current tools to discuss the predicted conditions and compare notes on strategy with other members. This “idea share” is to promote collaboration and help new members learn from some of our more experienced sailors. We look forward to seeing you there.




Crew Training Beginners Class

We are going for it. This coming May 3-25, 2022 we will offer a crew training class to introduce anyone interested in sailboat racing to this great sport. It includes 4 evening classes, each followed the next afternoon with actual on the water racing experiences (May 3rd through 25th). More details see below:

CCVR Spring Kickoff Meeting 3/28/2022

March 28th 6pm at HYC. Add this date to your calendar! Meet at the HYC to talk about the up coming season with a half hour presentation of the latest news, and, if you are not already a CCVR member, register  for CCVR. The traditional CCVR Book will be distributed as well to all members.